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 ThunderLeash - Eliminates Leash Pulling and Tugging!


Make Walking Your Dog a Pleasure Again

Walking with your dog on a leash is a great way for both of you to get exercise. But if you have a dog that constantly pulls, it is not an enjoyable time for either of you.

Some dog training books say that as soon as you feel tension on your leash stop. When the leash is loose again begin walking. Or, when the dog pulls, change your direction. Be in charge – control your dog. This is fine in theory, but it doesn't work for all dogs. Many times dogs come into your life after they are puppies and old habits are hard to break.


Now It's Easier Than Ever To Teach Your Dog To Walk Calmly at Your Side

Well, here's another new trick you can teach your old dog (or young puppy for that matter).  The Thunderleash is the the easiest way to turn a standard leash into a dog training collar that is a kind, safe and effective way to teach your dog to stop pulling when walking on the leash.

The special hardware included simply attaches to your dog's collar where your regular leash would attach and then wraps around your dog's chest and back through the hardware loop to complete the setup.  The leash eliminates the need for struggling with harness configurations that are confusing and hard to put on your dog.  

No Pinching, Panting, or Jerking Your Dog's Neck Around

There is no choking or panting, just enjoyable walking at your side.  If your dog pulls, gentle pressure is applied to his torso which causes him to stop. When the pulling stops, the pressure stops.

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