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  • Stinky Dog Shampoo

Stinky Dog Shampoo

Using a natural vegetable protein, this shampoo deodorizes the smelliest odors your dog can get into.

Even deodorizes skunk odors!

And it will leave your dog's fur shiny and soft with a crisp clean smell.

Safe for Puppies

STINKY DOG is safe for puppies, cats and kittens of all ages and has a gentle cleanser.

All Bobbi Panter Shampoos are:

SALT FREE - No sodium chloride to thicken the products. Table salt is drying to skin, fur and eyes. No salt means no cheap filler, faster rinse time, faster drying time and all of the essential oils we use can actually penetrate the skin and fur!

TEAR FREE - Ph balanced to match the eyes.

HIGHLY CONCENTRATED - for twice as many washes per bottle than other brands (no salt... no fillers!)

Size 10 oz.

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Stinky Dog Shampoo

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