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Antlerz™ Dog Chew

ANTLERZ™ are 100% naturally shed deer antlers. 

Wild deer shed their antlers once a year as part of a natural process, after which the deer re-grow another set. These shed antlers are gathered by ranch workers and transported to a manufacturing facility were the antlers are cut to the appropriate size, cleaned, and packaged to produce ANTLERZ brand dog chews. This mineral rich dog chew contains:

  • no plastics,
  • no petrochemicals,
  • no empty starches or artificial flavors

They are rich in calcium and phosphorous; long lasting; and do not splinter, ANTLERZª are not bleached or dyed. The color is their natural color. They are excellent for heavy chewers and teething puppies.

Select from four sizes.

Approximate Size:
Small: Length 3.75" - 4.25", Diameter .5" - .75"
Medium: Length 4" - 4.5", Diameter .75" - 1"
Large: Length 4.5" - 5", Diameter 1.25" - 1.5"
Jumbo: Length 5" - 6", Diameter 1.5" - 2"
Monster: Length 6" - 8", Diameter 2" - 3"

One antler per package 

Made in USA

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Antlerz Dog Chew

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